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Building Blocks to
Successful Branding

Be it MNCs or SMEs, B2Bs or B2Cs, Distinctiveness, Relevance and Consistency are the building blocks to successful branding in our increasingly cluttered global market place of products, services and promises.

Nurturing Brands of All Sizes
Locally, Regionally, Globally

In line with this understanding and our intimate experience of local and regional culture, we have helped brands of all sizesbe they local, Asian or globalappreciate in equity and create value for stakeholders. Learn more about the philosophy behind Acacia Brand Consultants & Pakaging Design Agency's services and branding modules or view our client list.

Contact us for a full presentation or look up your nearest Acacian associate.

Branding Grants

Funding and Grants of up to 70% are available for branding through
Spring Sinagpore and IE Singapore's capability development grants, IPOS Scope IP, Design for Enterprises DBIG (Design for Business Innovation Grant) and the ACE Startups grant.

Acacia is an Agency of the Year Finalist!

It has been a wonderful journey thus far, and a joy to watch how strategic branding has enabled clients - of all sizes and industries - to grow from strength to strength. We look forward to continuing the brand journey with you in 2014 and beyond!

Heartfelt thanks from Team Acacia:)

AFTA Packaging Conference

Kelvin Emmanuel Ng, Director of Branding of Acacia Pacakaging Design Agency, gives Keynote address in Pattaya. More information here.

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Kelvin Ng, Acacia's Director of Branding at SingTel Seminar addressing Branding for SMEs

Work (top) - Branding for RQAM, whose portfolio of properties managed include One Raffles Quay and the Marina Bay Financial Centre which, together with Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (IR), will be part of Singapore's vibrant New Downtown.

Event (bottom) - Director of Branding & Creative from Acacia Brand Consultants & Design Agency, Kelvin Emmanuel Ng, speaking at SingTel Seminar addressing the right Branding Strategy and Productivity Tools for SMEs, with case studies on B2Cs, B2Bs and start-ups

Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Launches in Singapore

The Watabe Wedding brand started life as a “Kimono” rental shop in 1953 and has grown into one of the world’s leading bridal brands, offering a wide range of domestic and international wedding services and consultation in Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Bali, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Watabe Wedding brand has now reached the shores of Singapore. Watabe Wedding's Singapore subsidiary will operate Chijmes Hall, a cultural heritage landmark. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall has chosen award-winning restaurant group, Tung Lok as main catering partner and hopes to generate annual sales of 400 million yen with this business in Singapore. The Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall branding is being developed by Acacia Design Consultants. Visit the Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Singapore website.

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Mama Lemon Celebrates 30 years with Gold
Mama Lemon Dish Washing Liquid Packaging Design

To celebrate over 30 years with Mama Lemon Dish Washing Liquid, Mama Lemon is elated to launch the new variant Lemon Gold, under the new Super Degreasing range.
Also launched is the refreshed packaging for the anti-bacterial range. The packaging design is developed by Acacia Brand Consultants & packaging Design Agency. Mama Lemon Dish Washing Liquid is part of Lion Corporation's comprehensive range of products. For more information, visit Lion Corporation's website at

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Conventions Redefined
Branding for Singapore EXPO, Singex and Max Atria

In light of the entry of two new players, Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa, Singex has announced the development of a new meeting facilities for Singapore’s largest purpose-built meetings, incentive, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) venue. This expansion is in line with the company's shift in corporate strategy, from simply "playing the venue game to providing value". Acacia was tasked to lay the ground work for the brands Singex, Singapore EXPO and their latest MICE venue, Max Atria. Crystallizing the brand positioning and personality for the 3 entities Singex, Singapore EXPO and Max Atria, Acacia was the branding agency tasked to develop the brand essence and core messaging for their subsequent branding communications.

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Odyssey The Global Preschool - where green is not just a colour

Odyssey, The Global Preschool at Fourth Avenue

Odyssey Fourth Avenue is the third and latest campus set up by Odyssey, The Global Preschool with the vision to become Singapore’s most ecologically sustainable preschool within five years. Odyssey, The Global Preschool was established in 2008 by leading early childhood education experts at Knowledge Universe Singapore. Working in close collaboration with Singapore Environment Council, Knowledge Universe has taken great care to ensure that the Odyssey Fourth Avenue campus incorporates as many ecologically - sustainable features as possible. Knowledge Universe Singapore has invested over $1.6 million in improvements to enhance and recycle existing structures and build new extensions on the almost 8,000 sq m site. The Knowledge Universe stable of brands also include Pat's Schoolhouse, Learning Vision, Learning Horizon and Asian International College. Acacia Branding Consultants & Design Agency was engaged as branding Agency to assist in executing their brand expression. Visit the Odyssey website at

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Fusion Safety - a holistic brand of Safety Management

Fusion Safety Management Branding

Fusion Safety Management brings to market a proprietary suite of solutions and services that are focused on aligning a business' safety leadership, culture & health and safety management systems around a common goal. Its brand promise is supported by a team with Global health and safety experience in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. Acacia was appointed as Fusion Safety Management's brand consultant and design agency to partner it in creating, nurturing and evolving its brand internationally. Visit the Fusion Safety Management's website.

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Soyato, Shell Live Wire & Start-up SG champions

So Yummy. So Healthy. Soyato!
Soyato has emerged champions in Singapore's most prestigious competitions, Start-up@Singapore and Shell Live Wire. Soyato also earned its spot in the finals of the inaugural Ideas Inc business challenge that is jointly organised by Spring Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. For Start-up, Soyato was shorlisted based on their product readiness, business market potential as well as branding and will be awarded $50,000 to set up its business under SPRING Singapore's Young Entrepreneur's Scheme for Start-ups funding. Soyato's flagship product is a soy based frozen dessert that serves as a healthy alternative to ice cream. Acacia Brand Consultants & Packaging Design Agency was the branding agency engaged to develop its brand. Visit the Soyato website at and the Soyato flagship store at Bugis Junction Singapore.

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Sunkist overtakes Tropicana brand in 100%
Purely Squeezed Orange Juice Category

Sunkist Purely Squeezed Orange Juice

As the Sunkist Juice range expanded organically throughout the years, a bevy of packaging design structures and templates have been introduced. To bring about better brand synergy, Acacia Brand Consultants & Packaging Design Agency was the branding agency tasked by F&N Foods to re-align Sunkist's packaging design across the entire product range. As an ongoing effort to refresh, launch and promote new products and packaging, Acacia Design has been working closely with F&N Foods to develop creatives that help reinforce the brands within their portfolio. The results of the packaging design refreshment have been spectacular, with Sunkist overtaking the long established Tropicana brand in the 100% Purely Squeezed Orange Juice category to take second place in the Singapore market.

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YEO's Recipe for success in Europe

Yeo Hiap Seng (commonly known as Yeo's)

JET - Flying high in Vietnam

Jet and Hero Cigarettes, Vietnam

From Vietnam to Europe, from sauces to cigerattes, businesses' benefit from branding is universal. It has facilitated Yeo Hiap Seng (now commonly known as Yeo's) in capturing the overseas European market and allowed brands such as Jet and Hero Cigarettes to dominate its home market. From packaging design for local consumers to recipe books for a foreign audience, Acacia as a branding agency believes that every touch-point, no matter how peripheral, contributes to overall brand equity and should be purposefully designed.

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Acacia develops branding for the Institute for Adult Learning, under the auspices of Workforce Development Agency Singapore

IAL Corporate BrandingThe Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) enhances the competitiveness and employability of workers and jobseekers by helping them adapt to a changing economy. WDA also supports the growth of Singapore industries by building a pipeline of competent workers through the constant upgrading of workers' skills and raising industrial performance standards.

The Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) was established by WDA as a national centre that will ensure a high quality of adult training practices and research amongst the adult educators. Acacia Brand Consultants & Design Agency was the branding agency tasked to develop the IAL brand which, although operating under the auspices of WDA, will have the profile of a separate, autonomous organisation with its own identity, mission and vision – operating within its unique competitive landscape.

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Acacia Develops Wayfinding & Signage for Ho Bee's
The Coast @ Sentosa Cove & Orange Grove Residences

Wayfinding & Signage

Ho Bee’s reputation for luxurious bayside properties is reflected in The Coast @ Sentosa Cove. An up-market condominium situated at the end of Ocean’s Drive, The Coast provides for the perfect balance of tranquility and luxury. Sea-facing units that seek to rejuvenate the mind and relax the body, coupled by lush surroundings inspired by the French Rivier - are just a short drive away from Singapore's multi-billion Integrated Resort (IR), Resorts World Sentosa. Apart from The Coast, Acacia Brand Consultants & Design Agency also developed the the wayfinding system for other premium projects such as Ho Bee's Orange Grove Residences and Lippo Group's Newton One.

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Acacia picks up another Singapore Star Award for Summer's Eve

C. B. Fleet, established in 1869, has a century long reputation in retailing quality Personal Health and Beauty Care products. Their Feminine Care range Summer’s Eve is the no.1 leading brand in the U.S. market. The challenge fell on Acacia as branding & Packaging Design Agency to help them position their brand for the Asian market in order to strengthen their presence there. The result: an elegant range of custom-designed, travel-friendly packaging design that carries visual and structural synergy.

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Kimage makeover by Acacia revitalises brand image

Kimage revamped!

Started 12 years ago, Kimage Hair studio is recognised locally for its style, training and service.Unlike other hairdressing salons, Kimage focuses on training for aspiring stylists. In its continuing effort to stay cutting edge, Kimage has appointed Acacia as Brand Consultants and Packaging Design Agency to help push the retail brand to the next level, locally as well as internationally.

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Acacia and S'GAP signs MOU, synergises branding services across Asia and Europe

Acacia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Strategic Gap PLC (S'GAP) of Europe to provide a framework of cooperation for exploring the establishment of reliable and seamless cross-continent branding services. This MOU signifies an initiative in promoting global cooperation to develop synergy in branding services across Asia and Europe, enhancing Acacia's position as a leading brand consultant. The joint activities shall be aimed at developing tailor made branding programmes based on local consultation needs.

Branding Day Europe 2006

Branding Day Europe

Acacia along with its strategic partners S’GAP Ltd and Alan Bates (UK) hosted the “Branding Strategies for Asia” European conference in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and London. The purpose of which is to provide an overall analysis of the challenges that the Chinese and Asian markets present to European businesses in terms of positioning as well as brand management. In particular, the event was catered towards European SMEs seeking opportunities in China and Asia in general.

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Acacia delivers keynote speech at NUS Society's Marketing, Branding & Communications Industries' Networking Night

Kelvin Ng, Director

"Design is an essential conduit and materialisation of all the elements in the
marketing mix
"- Kelvin Ng

NUS Society
held it's Marketing, Branding & Communications Industries' Networking Night at the premiere Society's Kent Ridge Guild House. Guests present included consultants from Deloitte & Touche as well as Theo H. Davies & Co. Acacia's co-founder, Mr Kelvin Emmanuel Ng, was invited as brand consultant to deliver the keynote speech. Here are excerpts:

On Branding...
It (branding) involves all departments and all levels of an organisation, not just the marketing department as some may like to think. The Finance department may be concerned with which quadrant of the BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Matrix the brand falls within; is it a 'Cash Cow' or perhaps a 'Question Mark'? Whereas the Marketing department may be more concerned with the brand's Share of Voice.Therefore, in order that a cohesive and congruent Branding Strategy be developed and executed, it is crucial that the Brand Champion should be at the CEO level.

On Design...
It is interesting how integrated the role of design actually is with marketing & branding. It is in fact a commercial disciplne with very economic objectives. Let me propose that design is an essential conduit and materialisation of all the elements in the Marketing Mix: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. All of which have to be purposefully designed.

On Research...

It is impossible to gather perfect information, and this is especially true for New Product Development. Full marks in research does not guarantee you full marks on the shelf. As Ian Batey puts it “Nobody can quantify imagination. Nobody can qualify intuition". An inspirational design that does not take full marks in research can contribute more to Top of Mind Awareness and sales than one that is purely designed to win based on research theory.

On Social Responsibility...

Consumers today are more discerning, sophisticated and vocal. It may take 30 years to build a brand, but these days, all it takes is 30 days to tear it asunder. So make sure you can live up to your promises lest your image building and brand camapigning backlashes with a vengeance. Be sincere. Afterall, the most potent branding is, as one agency puts it, "Truth Well Told".Visit the
NUSS website at

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LaSalle SIA College of the Arts 'Movers and Shakers' Lecture Series

LaSalle SIA College of the Arts

Conflict between the 'business' and 'art' of design will always remain a challenge, let integrity and not ego nor compromise be your guiding design principle.

That was the exhortation from Acacia Design Consultants' Director, Mr Kelvin Emmanuel Ng, to the year's graduating BA students of LaSalle SIA College of the Arts. The lecture was organised as part of LaSalle SIA's continuing efforts to expose its students to the professional standards and work ethic of the creative industry, so as to prepare them for their future role as contributors to the Cultural Wealth of Singapore.

Visit the LaSalle SIA website

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