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S$9 million fund for SMEs, with grants of up to 70% of project costs

The subject of Intellectual Property Management (IPM)
assumes a particularly important role in helping Singapore's
100,000 plus SMEs remain competitive.

Conversely, with the current global economic environment,
many SMEs are faced with tightly scrutinized budgets that
may not permit them to effectively engage in branding
activities that help to protect and capitalise on their
Intellectual Property Rights. This year, funding from SPRING
Singapore and IPOS is readily available for local SMEs
through the SCOPE IP™ programme, which covers up to
70% of programme costs. This grant is available for various
initiatives, including branding, on a reimbursement basis.


SCOPE IP™ is a diagnostic consultancy programme that enables SMEs to capitalise on IPM as a strategic tool. The programme will help SMEs manage the life cycle of their IPs, including their creation, protection and commercial
exploitation through various tools, including branding. Acacia
is listed under SCOPE IP™'s panel of business consultants.

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SingTel Seminar addressing the right Branding Strategies for SMEs

t SingTel Seminar on Branding

Director of Branding & Creative from Acacia, Kelvin Emmanuel Ng, spoke at a recent SingTel Seminar addressing the right Branding Strategy and Productivity Tools for SMEs. Kelvin demonstrated, through real life case studies how SMEs, regrdless of whether they are B2Cs, B2Bs or start-ups, have used branding to thrive in today's saturated marketplace.


About Acacia Design Consultants

Distinctiveness, Relevance & Consistency - be it MNCs or SMEs, these are the building blocks to
successful branding and design in our increasingly cluttered global market place of products,
services & promises. In line with this philosophy, Acacia adopts strategy that help brands - be they
local, Asian or international - appreciate in equity and create value for stakeholders. Our services
include Corporate & Environment/Retail Branding, Packaging Design, Advertising & Promotions, as
well as Web Development.

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