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Strategic Global Access Point, S’GAP™, is an international consulting and services firm enabling entrepreneurial firms take full advantage of global opportunity gaps. They combine proprietary research with cutting edge technology to enable clients to successfully compete in the global arena. With headquarters based in London and service points located in strategic locations throughout Europe and Asia, the S’GAP service offer is built around delivering the right balance between global opportunity and risk in order to optimise global performance.

PointStar is a technology service company that develops compelling solutions for a global client base. They are headquartered and based in sunny Singapore and also operate from Jakarta, Indonesia. Their technology practice focuses on delivering strategies and solutions that cover the emerging areas of the Information Technology (IT) industry. Broadly, the practice delivers exceptional competence in the Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 aspects of IT.

The Right Spin makes PR work to your maximum advantage. It develops effective communication strategies that support and strengthen clients' corporate objectives. The Right Spin works hand in hand with clients to position their company and products in the marketplace by developing key messages that are in tandem with corporate goals.

Purple Clay Consulting provides franchise related services such as market research into current franchising trends, financial analysis of franchise offereings, franchise system development, franchise/license agreement advisory, marketing and negotiations of franchise opportunities to potential candidates and management & audit of local/overseas franchisees.

JNUS is headquartered in Shanghai and provides a holistic suite of advertising as well as signage solutions. Its services range from research & development, design, print, production to event management. It is supported by teams in 20 locations around China, including Suzhou.


About Acacia Design Consultants

Distinctiveness, Relevance & Consistency - be it MNCs or SMEs, these are the building blocks to
successful branding and design in our increasingly cluttered global market place of products,
services & promises. In line with this philosophy, Acacia adopts strategy that help brands - be they
local, Asian or international - appreciate in equity and create value for stakeholders. Our services
include Corporate & Environment/Retail Branding, Packaging Design, Advertising & Promotions, as
well as Web Development.

Marketing & Design Awards

1003 Bukit Merah Central
Inno Centre #05-11

T +65 6274 1298
F +65 6274 1028


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